Modern Conveniences in Classic Homes,
Without the Hassle of Home-Ownership


After decades of suburban-flight, people are moving back to Troy, Albany and Schenectady. Once the crown-jewels of the industrial revolution, our urban centers are again thriving after decades of neglect. While many focus on increasing home-ownership rates as imperative to economic development, census data and recent housing studies support the development of new high-quality apartments in downtown neighborhoods . That's why we carefully design our homes to reflect the needs of our clients. By renovating older buildings with "strong bones", we provide our clients with modern amenities and comforts, such as "smart home" automated systems, while reclaiming the unique character found only in historic homes.

For our clients, happiness isn't measured by bedrooms, square-feet or cars in their driveway - it's measured in time spent doing what matters most in their lives. Like you, we strive to live simply: to find balance in our work, home and community; to use only what we need and to embrace the technology that allows us to enjoy our lives more while consuming less. That's the philosophy that guides our work and is evident in the spaces we create and manage.