Collar City Collective Takes Historic Approach to Rehabbing Buildings

2.27.16 - TROY RECORD

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Collar City Collective co-owners: Dylan Turek and Neil Pelone

Collar City Collective co-owners, Dylan Turek and Neil Pelone, were recently the subject of a Troy Record piece profiling the duo's development work and future plans. Following the successful completion of two upscale spaces that feature a large structural addition connected to the original building, their "designed for living" model has drawn local attention.

"There are a lot of people moving to downtown Troy, and there should be spaces where people can live in simple homes—a place that has everything that someone would need,' said Turek."
"Our specialty and target is that we actually found a niche of meeting needs that haven't been met yet." - Neil Pelone.

CCC collaborated with local shops and entrepreneurs such as Superior Merchandise.coForage + SundryWeathered WoodThe ShopRare Form Brewing Co. and local artists Kelsey Renko and Erica Cubello, to set up a "pop-up shop" staging the two spaces for the completion party. 

Collaboratively-staged space at 246 Third Street, Troy, NY

Collaboratively-staged space at 246 Third Street, Troy, NY

Attended by local residents, community leaders and friends, the event's focus was to show local residents how simple living spaces and reduced clutter can help affect positive change. Furthermore, a living exhibit featured a staged 1 bedroom unit to provide an example of how a well-designed and appointed apartment can be acheived by shopping exclusively at Troy small businesses and shops. 

Entitled "Living. By Design.", Dylan, Neil and many of the shop-owners and entrepreneurs who participated are interested in making the event an annual living and design expo focused on Troy shops, products, designs and entrepreneurs. Collar City Collective plans on using future projects as they're completed to supply the space.