Management, Renovations, Marketing – Make your property work for you.

It's a familiar story:
A landlord has one or two properties that aren't earning enough, but their only option is to pay for expensive renovations when they're already paying for emergency repairs out of pocket. This is usually when they realize they need a plan to help guide them to a better way forward. 
Sound familiar?


  • gain a competitive advantage through expert insight into present and future market conditions; 
  • identify expenses that can be reduced; 
  • re-position their property to increase income;
  • find and implement cost-effective updates;
  • plan for tomorrow's big expenses;
  • develop and implement a clear strategic plan that will result in a greatly improved return on their investment! 


  • Professional property management services.
  • Repair and maintenance services through Collar City Construction.
  • Real estate investment consulting based on your budget, skill-level and time. 
    • This includes navigating clients through acquisitions, design and renovations (if necessary), marketing and management to ensure their greatest opportunity for success.
  • Marketing and advertising consulting.
  • Professional architectural and design services:
  • Rehabilitation and Design-Build services: Collar City Construction.
  • Investment and JV opportunities: Collar City Development.

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